Governing Council Election 2018 Updates


Elections for the Membership of Governing Body of Alumni Association, Delhi College of Engineering (2018-2020)

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“All prospective contestants for the post of Membership of the Governing Body of Alumni Association, Delhi College of Engineering, coming to file Nomination Forms at F-70, Bhagat Singh Market, Gole Market, New Delhi-110001 (011-23344471, 72) must bring one proposer & one Seconder in person (both member of Association for more than one year as on 31.3.2017) proof of any Govt. identity viz PAN Card / Aadhar Card / Driving License / Voter Card shall be necessary for the contestant, proposer & seconder”.


                                                                                                                                              Returning Officers





In pursuance to order of Hon’’ble Court dtd, 24/05/2018, elections shell be held for 15 numbers instead of 10 numbers for the Governing Body for the period 2018 -2020

                                                                                                                                         Returning officers 






Court Order of Learned Court of SJM & RC Mr. Prashant Sharma at Tis Hazari Courts, Delhi  dated 31st May 2018 


Court Order Dated 31st May 2018 



Message from Returning Officers


The fragmented data of Members Alumni Alumni Association provided to Returning Officers by both the parties is being checked and is being updated /modified to suit the requirement of Election process. We shall be able to get the data loaded on both websites within a week.


Sh. J.R. Aryan (Observer)

                                                                           (Returning Officers)


Sh. N.K. Sethi                                        Sh. Pramod Adlakha                                                          Sh. Praveen Bhargava




 Instructions for voters and contestants 


Extract of Para 3 (ii) of MOA and Para (3.5) of the Order dtd. 17.4.18 of the Court :- 

The General Body members having voting rights shall elect members to the Governing Body. 

 No ordinary member shall be allowed to or vote at any election for electing the members of Governing Body unless he / she completed one year in which election are to be held. Thus for the Election 2018-2020, Members as on 31.3.2017 shall be eligible to vote.


Extract of Para 4(iv) b :-

Each Eligible member of the General Body shall have number of votes equivalent to the number of vacancies in the Governing Body out of which members can cast one non-transferable vote in favour of a candidate per seat either by show of hand or by secret ballot as may be decided by the existing Governing Body.

After the counting of the Votes, the candidates securing maximum votes shall be declared elected and shall form the Governing Body. Thus the Elections on 11.8.2018 shall be held with secret ballots only.


Extract of Para 4 (iv) : -

The Governing Body if thinks fit, in the interest of the Society may elect the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Joint Secretary & Treasurer for life or for any such term as it deem fit. Only those person shall be appointed as members of the Society for last ten years. Thus for 2018-2020, elections, a member as on 31.3.2008, shall be eligible to contest for the post of Governing Body Member.


The Members are also informed that their queries should be sent to email addresses of any / all Returning Officers. Reply to relevant queries necessitating the objective and peaceful conduct of elections shall be uploaded on websites. For similar questions, common answer shall prevail. Reply to individual members shall not be conveyed as a precaution to avoid, unnecessary miscommunication / partiality / misrepresentation / confrontation/ interpretation. The Reply to queries shall be conveyed on websites only with consensus of all three Returning Officers. For any difference in opinion of RO’s, the directions given in the Court Order shall be followed. Any, views shared on any matter of reply of individual RO’s shall not be communicated in open on Web-sites. The uploading of Reply to queries may take time. The members should keep patience and understand the situation and avoid creating confusion, misunderstanding and widening the gap of fraternity. 


                                                                           (Returning Officers)


Sh. N.K. Sethi                                            Sh. Pramod Adlakha                                                           Sh. Praveen Bhargava




Public Notice : Election for 10 No. Governing Body Members for Alumni Association, Delhi College of Engineering will be held on 11th August 2018 (9Am to 5Pm ) for the year 2018-2020


Public Notice: Election 2018 in pdf format


Court Order of Learned Court of SJM & RC Mr. Prashant Sharma at Tis Hazari Courts, Delhi  dated 1st May 2018 on Court monitored Elections for 10 nos Members of the Governing Council 


Court Order Dated 1st May 2018 




Court Order of Learned Court of SJM & RC Mr. Prashant Sharma at Tis Hazari Courts, Delhi  dated 17th April 2018 


Court Order Dated 17th April 2018 



Court Proceeding Document of learned court of Sh. Prashant Sharma, Sr. Civil Judge, Tis Hazari, Delhi in  suit CS No.3023/17 dated 27th September 2017 


Plaint filed on 21.09.2017 by Plaintiff 


Affidavit by Plaintiff 


Court Order dated 27.09.2017 


Response to ‘Plaint by Returning Officer & President as Written Statement 


Court Order dated 19.01.2018 



Election Notification Advert 



Election Notification Advert


The election process of Governing Body, Alumni Association Delhi College of Engineering has been stayed by the learned court of Sh. Prashant Sharma, Sr. Civil Judge, Tis Hazari, Delhi in  suit CS No.3023/17 dated 27th September 2017.


Court Stay Order Document 




Election Notification Issued

Date : 26th September 2017


Dear Members,


The Members of the Alumni Association are hereby informed that the elections to elect the 10 members of the Governing Body as notified on 12 September 2017 in the newspapers and on the official website are very much in process and are currently ongoing. Members should not be misguided and should not take cognizance of the incorrect information being circulated by Mr. N.K. Sharma and other disgruntled members. Sh. N.K. Sharma had been expelled from the governing body on 15 November 2016 for his activities which were detrimental to the interests of the Association.


Sh. Pramod Adlakha has been duly authorized by the Association to act as the Returning Officer to hold the ongoing elections. Mr. N. K. Sharma shall be held personally liable for creating animosity, hindrance, harassment and defamation of Sh. Pramod Adlakha and the Alumni Association.


It is to be noted that the official website of the Alumni Association is Some of the disgruntled and expelled members have created a fake and duplicate website –  in January 2017. Mr. N. K. Sharma has no legal or official authority to act as an office bearer in any function related to the Alumni Association and any step carried out by him and others is totally void and invalid.


Joint Secretary

Alumni Association,

Delhi College of Engineering



Election Notice


Alumni Association Delhi College of Engineering
(Delhi Technological University (formerly Delhi College of Engineering), Shahbad Daulatpur, Main Bawana Road, Delhi-110042)


Dear Alumni,

The Governing Body Alumni Association Delhi College of Engineering has appointed me as Returning Officer for holding Elections for 10 numbers Members of the Governing Body for the year 2017-19.


After carefully looking into the number of Lifetime Members of the Association and their locations, it has been decided to hold the Elections not by normal practice of Paper Ballot but by Online Voting. It has been found that in Associations where the Members are located all over the world, the Election of Office Bearers of such Associations is held by Secret Electronic Ballot. The Secret Electronic Ballot through Online Voting is sacrosanct and ensures fair and transparent Elections. This process has been adopted in the present electronic world to ensure involvement of maximum number of Members to elect and appoint Executive Body of the Associations.


The following schedule shall be adhered for the Elections:


 S.NoPoll Event  Day  Tentative Dates  
  1 Date of Notification     Tuesday     12th September 2017
  2 Last Date of Filing Nominations     Thursday     21st September 2017 by 6 pm
  3 Publication of Valid Candidates to all Candidates     Thursday     28th September 2017
  4 Withdrawal of Candidature     Tuesday     3rd October 2017 by 6 pm
  5 Final List of Candidates
to be put on Website
and Notice Board of Alumni Office at DTU Campus
    Wednesday     4th October 2017 by 6 pm
  6 Online Voting, if necessary, starts on     Friday     6th October 00:01 hours
  7 Online Voting Closes on (Last Date for Voting)     Monday     16 th October 2017 at 23:59 hours
  8 Date of Counting     Tuesday     17th October 2017
  9 Declaration of Results
(displayed on website) &
Notice Board of Alumni Office at DTU Campus
    Tuesday     17 th October 2017 at 6 pm


The elections shall be held for ten (10) Members of the Governing Body. Only those Lifetime Members shall be eligible who are members of the Association for the last ten years (i.e. Members enrolled on or before 31 March 2007).


The Lifetime Members, who are members of the Association for atleast one year (i.e. Members enrolled on or before 31 March 2016) are eligible to cast their vote.


The process for the election shall be monitored by Prof. S.K. Singh (nominated as Observer by the Vice Chancellor of DTU) for fair and transparent Election Process. The Elections will be conducted with absolute fairness, Mr. Sant Bhusan Lal (1962 batch) will support me as Advisor for the Elections.


The announcement for the elections has also been made through the National edition of Newspapers, namely Times of India, Navbharat Times & Economic Times, on 12th September 2017.  


Pramod Adlakha
Returning Officer



Election Notification 2017 Advert



Announcing DCE DTU Alumni Association Governing Council Election 2017


The DCE DTU Alumni Association Governing Council will first of all like to thank all the Alumni for strengthening the Association and making the Annual Event 2017 held at Air Force Auditorium, Subroto Park, New Delhi a great success.


As Governing Council, we are committed to ensure a fair, all inclusive and transparent elections to the Governing Council (GC) and set the Association on a stronger path for further growth.


We shall need help from all the members, whom we are able to reach through available contact details and through our web site, to spread the news further to all the alumni, so that we are able to update our data further to best possible extent for having maximum participation in the forth coming elections.


All current Lifetime Alumni Members of the Alumni Association who have completed one year of their membership as on 31st March 2017 are eligible to vote in the election as defined in the Association’s Memorandum and Articles of Association. Please find below List of all the Lifetime Alumni members.


The GC is preparing to hold the on-line election, for the first time, for maximum participation from all members across the world, in the most transparent manner.


The GC team has put in huge efforts to collect, collate and purify the data from various sources from different timelines. This was necessitated as no records or updated data was made available by the expelled office-bearers, which has led to unprecedented delay. The GC team has spent over 12 weeks to ensure a correct representation of members data, yet we would like to invite all of you to submit your latest details which will be verified and updated to ensure maximum possible accuracy for member’s data.


It will help the association to be able to update the Lifetime Member data further to best possible extent for having maximum participation in the Elections 2017.


As per the byelaws, all Lifetime Alumni Members who have completed 10 years of membership are eligible to put in their nomination to contest Governing Council Elections.


The process to be followed for Governing Council Elections shall be furnished by the Returning Officer. The Appointed Returning Officer shall intimate the process and schedule for the DCE DTU Alumni Association Election 2017. 


Mr Pramod Adlakha DCE 1970 Civil (the founder General Secretary, and the General Secretary till 2004) is appointed as the Returning Officer.


Prof. S. K Singh has been nominated by Vice Chancellor DTU as the Observer. Also, for transparent & robust election process Mr. B. B Tandon, Retired Chief Election Commissioner of India has given his kind consent to be an Independent Observer for the Governing Council Election 2017.


Kindly also share the email with your batch-mates and alumni friends to facilitate sharing of important details of the DCE DTU Alumni Association Elections 2017 as may be their email addresses are not updated. You can also write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or  you can Whatsapp @ +918130500026


We request all Lifetime Alumni members  to update their contact details and necessary information by logging into



Members Eligible to Vote for Election 2018

Members list eligible to vote for election 2018

Voter List Election 2018

Members Eligible to Contest for Election 2018

Members list eligible to contest for election 2018

Contestant List Election 2018

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