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Witness the DCE - DTU AA initiatives to connect with student and faculty by paying regular visits to the University Campus. The Alumni Association endeavors to introduce various programs and invite distinguished speakers to share knowledge and work towards professional development of Students.

Governing Council Election

The DCE DTU Alumni Association has set the process for Governing Council Election - 2017 to elect a New Governing Council for a term of two years from July 2017 to June 2019. The GC is preparing to hold the on-line election, for the first time, for maximum participation from all members across the world, in the most transparent manner.


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Join us as registered members of the DCE-DTU Alumni Association. By joining the community, you will be tapping into a powerful network of personal and professional contacts, who share a lifelong bond with the university.




An up-to-date profile is the key to effective networking. Stay connected to the University and to fellow alumni. Update your profile regularly regarding changes to your personal and professional contact information.


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