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Sh. Manuj Singhal has assumed charge as the new Director (Infrastructure) of the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC). An Indian Engineering Service (IES) officer of the 1994 batch, Sh. Singhal has nearly three decades of Multidisciplinary experience in numerous key positions. In his capacity as Director (Infrastructure), Sh. Singhal will be in charge of Maintenance of infrastructure including Civil, Electrical, Signal, AFC, Telecom, Rolling Stock, Solar Power etc in DMRC. An Electrical Engineering Graduate as well as Post Graduate from Delhi College of Engineering ( 1993 batch ) , Sh. Singhal began his career with National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) and thereafter, joined Department of Telecom through IES. He has been working with DMRC since 2006 and prior to taking up this role, he was working as Executive Director (Rolling Stock /Project).

Mr. Ratan Kaul, an alumnus of 1963 batch of Delhi Polytechnic has just released his second novel “The Full Circle: A Saga of Unrequited Love”.

Mr. Ratan Kaul, an alumnus of 1963 batch of Delhi Polytechnic has just released his second novel “The Full Circle: A Saga of Unrequited Love”. The novel, having glimpses of fun-filled life in the engineering college at Kashmiri Gate depicts the challenges faced by young engineer starting from his first job in a remote tribal area in Central India. Seeds of romance sprout in his life, but the destiny take him to USA for more challenging opportunities, where he becomes an entrepreneur during the technology revolution at the turn of the 20th century. The Circle of fate dictates his final return to India.  The novel has received accolades from the media as also 5 star reviews on e-commerce book sites including amazon and flipkart. More details on www.ratankaul.in  Ratan Kaul can be contacted onThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. //          

Taniya Soki of BJP Wins in Arunachal Pradesh

We are pleased to share that our Alumni of DCE 1998 has been elected as MLA in Arunachal Pradesh! Alumni Association congratulates him on his electoral success and wishes him well in his future endeavors!

DCE-DTU Alumni Sanghpriya Singh, 2014(EE), Secured 655 rank in UPSC CSE2016

I started studying for this exam in 2015, joined no coaching but dedicated self-study helped me clear the exam, I'm a native of UP. My father is a gazetted officer, mom a homemaker and sister a teacher, they have been a pillar of support and motivation throughout. I did schooling from St. Thomas school & Vivekananda school. My time at DTU was immensely enriching. I thank you all for your best wishes & hope to give back to the society, the best way I can.    

U.S. Bancorp promotes Gunjan Kediya to president

We are pleased to share that our 1992 batch alumna Gunjan Kedia has been promoted as President by U S Bank. As President, Gunjan shall oversee all revenue generating business lines for U. S. Bank. Alumni Association congratulates Gunjan on her remarkable achievement and wishes her all the best in new role!

DCE-DTU Alumni Anand Vardhan, 2013 (Mech), Secured 7th Rank in IAS 2016 Exams

  Anand Vardhan, mechanical engineering batch of 2013, DCE. Took four attempts at Upsc and cleared in fourth attempt with AIR-7. My father is serving in the Indian Air Force and my mother is a homemaker. I did my schooling from various places. I have also worked for 2 years as a Business Analyst. I would like to thank my parents, my peers and the entire DCE family for their love and support. Thank you and God bless you all.

Shri Rajiv Gupta (Mech 1987)has been appointed as the CEO of NTPC Renewable Energy Limited

We are delighted to share that our alumni Shri Rajiv Gupta (Mech 1987)has been appointed as the CEO of NTPC Renewable Energy Limited. Rajiv Sir also holds an MBA in Finance from Delhi University. He began his career as an Executive Engineer Trainee at NTPC and has more than 35 years extensive experience of working on various projects as well as in the Corporate Office. Alumni Association wishes him best for his new role and future endeavors!

Announcing DCE DTU Alumni Association Governing Council Election 2017

The DCE DTU Alumni Association Governing Council will first of all like to thank all the Alumni for strengthening the Association and making the Annual Event 2017 held at Air Force Auditorium, Subroto Park, New Delhi a great success.   As Governing Council, we are committed to ensure a fair, all-inclusive and transparent election to the Governing Council (GC) and set the Association on a stronger path for further growth.   We shall need help from all the members, whom we are able to reach through available contact details and through our web site, to spread the news further to all the alumni, so that we are able to update our data further to best possible extent for having maximum participation in the forthcoming election.   All current Lifetime Alumni Members of the Alumni Association who have completed one year of their membership as on 31st March 2017 are eligible to vote in the election as defined in the Association’s Memorandum and Articles of Association.    The GC is preparing to hold the on-line election, for the first time, for maximum participation from all members across the world, in the most transparent manner.   The GC team has put in huge efforts to collect, collate and purify the data from various sources from different timelines. This was necessitated as no records or updated data was made available by the expelled office-bearers, which has led to unprecedented delay. The GC team has spent over 12 weeks to ensure a correct representation of members' data, yet we would like to invite all of you to submit your latest details which will be verified and updated to ensure maximum possible accuracy for member’s data. It will help the association to be able to update the Lifetime Member data further to best possible extent for having maximum participation in the Election 2017.   As per the bye laws, all Lifetime Alumni Members who have completed 10 years of membership are eligible to put in their nomination to contest Governing Council Election.    Mr Pramod Adlakha DCE 1970 Civil (the founder General Secretary, and the General Secretary till 2004) is appointed as the Returning Officer. Mr Pramod Adlakha will be sharing the process and schedule for Governing Council Election 2017.   Prof. S. K. Singh has been nominated by Vice Chancellor DTU as the Observer. Also, for transparent and robust election process Mr. B. B. Tandon, Retired Chief Election Commissioner of India has given his kind consent to be an Independent Observer for the Governing Council Election 2017.   Kindly also share the email with your batch-mates and alumni friends to facilitate sharing of important details of the DCE DTU Alumni Association Election 2017 as may be their email addresses are not updated. You can also write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. // or you can Whatsapp @ +918130500026   We request all Lifetime Alumni members  to update their contact details and necessary information by logging into www.dcedtualumni.org   Members who don't have their user name or email id registered but name appears in the list needs to provide contact details and necessary information. www.dcedtualumni.org/register-for-election-2017   Last date for updating members' data is 9th June 2017   :  Life Time Members' List  

Mr. Mahesh Joshi 1982 batch and his wife Ms. Anita own the Texas Smash

DCE alumnus Mr. Mahesh Joshi 1982 batch and his wife Ms. Anita own the Texas Smash, a Major League Table Tennis (MLTT) team, which won the inaugural MLTT championship. MLTT is America's first and only professional table tennis league, founded by software entrepreneur and table tennis enthusiast Flint Lane. Mahesh is the Managing Director of MAN Energy Solutions, a Volkswagen Group Company. https://www.facebook.com/MajorLeagueTableTennis/posts/pfbid02MDPn1HJvZqaZuG31mNB3dTu3GyEtd7UTvYeBX8J8N2sUPf1Xq56UfHCbyoXrSsbul. Many congratulates to him , his wife Anita, and their team on winning the first MLTT championship and wishes them success in all their future endeavors.

Romance With Music : Tribute To Great Legendary Singers Of All Times .. 4Th March 2017 (Saturday) At Kamani Auditorium ( Copernicus Marg) 5:30 pm onwards - Entry Free for DCE -DTU Alumni

  Romance With Music : Tribute To Great Legendary Singers Of All Times .. 4Th March 2017 (Saturday) At Kamani Auditorium ( Copernicus Marg) 5:30 pm onwards.. Entry Free for DCE Alumni...

Big Congratulations to Abhit Sinha and Danish Jamil

Proud to share our DCEDTU Alumni Startup Orbo AI has been featured in Top 10 leading AI Startup in India Big Congratulations to Abhit Sinha and Danish Jamil our alumni from M. Tech 2015 batch. Alumni Association wishes them best in their future endeavors!

DCE / DIT / DTU / NSIT US ALUMNI MEET 2017 (Las Vegas)

DCE / DIT / DTU / NSIT US Alumni 2017 Meet 24 - 25 FEBRUARY, 2017, Las Vegas

Venkat Shastri Catching Alzheimer’s early

Our alumni of 1981 Mech, Mr. Venkat Shastri has featured in TIME magazine's top 100 health innovation list. His innovation may help countless people across the globe! We wish him all the best!

Annual Alumni Meet 4th Feb 2017

   DCE - DTU Alumni Association Cordially Invite All DP / DCE / DTU Alumni And Their Families to Annual Meet 2017

Lessons from critical cyber security incidents

By Dr. Muktesh Chander, IPS (Retd.), Ex. DGP Goa, Ex. Special Commissioner Delhi Police, Ex Centre Director National Critical Information Infrastructure Centre, Chevening Cyber Security Fellow, UK Ransomware infection in AIIMS server as well as its backup server is a serious matter and for many days, the systems could not be restored seriously affecting the digital patient care services of the hospital. At this preliminary stage it is not possible to say who is behind the cyber-attack on AIIMS servers. Since it is an act of introduction of computer contaminant leading to harm to persons, a criminal case of cyber terrorism under section 66F of Information Technology Act and other sections of IPC has been registered by police.In a ransomware attack, the attacker encrypts the files in a computer and demands a ransom in the form of crypto currency, to provide key to decrypt the locked files. Such attacks on computers have been happening all over the world and this is one of the most serious threats the cyber world is facing today. In 2017, National Health Services of UK, were crippled for almost 15 days by “WannaCry” ransomware attack. In the same year global shipping giant Maersk faced similar attack in which more than 45000 of its computers and 4000 servers were infected worldwide crippling the entire operation of the company. The company suffered a loss of about $300 million. Some of their computers in JLNPT in India were also infected.It was never a question that ransomware attack, on important Indian IT systems, would happen or not. The real question was when and where. In the year 2021, Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) handled 1402809 cyber incidents of various kinds, registering a rise of over 21% from the previous year. India reported 52,974 cases of cybercrime in 2021 with an increase of over 5 per cent from previous year. Ransomware cases were also reported but on a low scale. The inevitable was bound to happen sooner or later. During the second wave of Covid 19 spread, we had already seen several countries facing serious crisis before the wave hit India. Taking lessons from the happenings around the world, we had prepared ourselves very well to handle the second wave.Did we learn similar lessons by the global ransomware incidents in the last few years? AIIMS incident has revealed that much more needs to be done before we can answer this question in affirmative. The National Cyber Security Policy was released in 2013. A lot has changed in the cyber world in these 9 years and it is time for us to move on from policy to strategy. A well-defined and articulated cyber security strategy for next 5 years, with provisions for sufficient financial commitment to achieve quantifiable and tangible outputs and goals, is the need of the hour. The strategy must have components related to defending our cyber space, deterring the cyber adversary and developing cyber security products for our use as well as export. In recent past several measures such as creation of Computer Emergency Response Team, National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Centre, Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre, National Cyber Security Coordinator etc. have strengthened the cyber security framework of India.As a result, from a rank of 43rd position in 2017, in Global Cyber Security Index prepared by ITU, India has gained a very respectful 10th position in 2020. But let us not forget “Stuxnet”, the first cyber weapon deployed against critical infrastructure of a nation, first cyber war of sort faced by Estonia and the parallel cyber war going on between Russia and Ukraine since the war started between them. After land, sea, air and space, cyber has emerged as fifth domain of warfare and our cyber defence must be ready to face any challenge on this front too. The conventional model of deterrence, which emerged during cold war and has continued in the nuclear era, is taking shape in cyberspace also. The concept of cyber deterrence depends the strategy of incorporating both the ability to retaliate and the will to retaliate against the cyber adversary.The much-awaited Digital Personal Data Security Bill is likely to be passed in the budget session of the Parliament next year, with the provision of financial penalties up to Rs.500 crores in case of breach of personal digital data. The companies and organisations dealing with such data will have to take serious measures to strength their cyber security posture. Every organisation, dependent on ICT systems, must now take cyber security as a board level activity to show the top management’s commitment towards it and provide sufficient resources and budgetary support for cyber security function. They must have a chief information security officer or a data protection officer, if dealing with digital personal data. It is now well known that technology alone cannot fight the cyber challenges and the man behind the machine is equally important. Therefore, in order to create an organisation-wide culture of cyber safety, training and awareness in cyber hygiene in the entire organisation is important. The organisations must also be ready to brace a cyber security disaster by following risk management approach. For this a proper incident response and business continuity plan will be required to minimise losses and damage and also to make the organisation resilient.Every cyber security breach incident has lessons to be learnt. International ATM Heist, involving a loss of $45 million happened with banks of UAE and Oman in 2012 followed by Japan ATM heist in 2016. There was enough time to learn from these incidents and strengthen cyber security in banks, but unfortunately in 2018 a similar crime took place with Cosmos Bank in Pune, involving Rs. 94 crores. We need to follow a more proactive approach in cyber security.The critical information infrastructure, both in private and government sectors such as those in energy, transportation, banking & finance telecommunication, defence, space, law enforcement, security & intelligence, public health etc., must have robust cyber security plan, since any incapacitation in them would cause a debilitating impact on national security, governance, economy of our country. At the launch of Digital India Week in 2015 our honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi had dreamed of a Digital India, where cyber security becomes an integral part of our national security. Every individual, organisation, company and government machinery in India must work continuously to realise this dream.

Musical Tribute to Mohd. Rafi Sahab on his 36th Barsi Live Event Link held at Sirifort Audutorium-1

Musical Tribute to legendary *MOHD. RAFI on his 36th Barsi held at  Sirifort Audutorium-1 (Live Event Link) Performed and Participated By:   DHARMENDRA   - SHAHID MOHD.RAFI (Mohd.Rafi's son) - ISMAIL DARBAR - RAJEEV KHANDELWAL - AMJAD NADEEM (Music Director, Singer) - SHABBIR KUMAR (Playback Singer) - SURESH KUMAR RAHEJA (Playback singer)    

26-year-old Abhilasha Barak from Haryana becomes Indian Army’s first woman combat aviator

Captain Abhilasha Barak graduated at a ceremony held at the Combat Army Aviation Training School in Nashik. D G of Army Aviation, A K Suri, was the chief guest at the event. Having grown up in military Cantonments across the country, joining the forces was a natural career choice for Captain Abhilasha Barak. On Wednesday, the 26-year-old from Haryana became the first woman combat aviator of the Indian Army. Captain Abhilasha Barak graduated at a ceremony held at the Combat Army Aviation Training School in Nashik. D G of Army Aviation, A K Suri, was the chief guest at the event. Captain Barak is an alumnus of The Lawrence School, Sanawar. She completed her graduation in B Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Delhi Technological University in 2016 and was placed at Deloitte, USA. In 2018, she was commissioned into the Indian Army from the Officers Training Academy, Chennai. During her attachment with Corps of Army Air Defence, she was selected as a Contingent Commander for Presentation of Colours to Army Air Defence by President Ram Nath Kovind. She attained ‘A’ grading in Army Air Defence Young officers course, 75.70 per cent in Air Traffic Management and Air Laws course and passed the promotional exam, Part B, in her first attempt.“After completing my training from Officers Training Academy, Chennai, in 2018, I opted for Army Aviation Corps. As I was filling the form, I knew I was eligible for only ground duty role but I ended up mentioning that I had qualified Pilot Aptitude Battery Test and computerised pilot selection system. Somewhere in my heart, I always knew that the day was not far away when Indian Army would start inducting women as combat pilots,” she said in the interview. After two years, when the induction of women as pilots was announced, it all came full circle for Captain Barak. “Not many people know this, but in 1987, during Operation Meghdoot, my father was leading a patrolling party from Amar Post to Bana Top Post (earlier Quaid Post). Owing to bad weather, he suffered from Cerebral Odema and was brought back to Amar Post, from where he was evacuated right in time. He owes his life to the Army Aviation Corps and hence, so do I,” according to excerpts of the interview. "While growing up in military Cantonments, and being surrounded by people in uniform, it always seemed like an ordinary affair. I never realised it (that it was different) until our family moved out of the military life, after my father’s retirement in 2011. The feeling only grew stronger after seeing my elder brother’s passing out parade at Indian Military Academy in 2013. That was the moment I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life," Captain Barak said in an in-house interview shared recently by the Indian Army.

DCEDTU Alumni Kumar Harsh cracks UPSC at the age of 22

Kumar Harsh, Mechanical Engineering student, DTU batch 2011-2015, has earned himself an All India Rank 43 in the recently declared UPSC results. Harsh cracked the prestigious UPSC exams in his first attempt, making his alma mater proud of his achievements. It is pertinent to mention that this  young engineer has made it to the elite services at the age of 22 years. Harsh completed his schooling from St. George's School, Alaknanda, New Delhi. After completing his HSC in 2011, he joined DCE DTU to pursue mechanical engineering and appeared in UPSC during the final semester of his course at DCE DTU.Harsh has keen literary interests that draw him to to reading and poetry. He runs his own blog to publish his poetry at www.harsh3893.blogspot.in. It is noteworthy that his poetry has been published across various literary magazines. He is credited with establishing the Quizzing and Literary Society at college.

DCE Alumni Ankita Jain (2014) has cracked UPSC Civil Services 2020 exam and topped the list by securing AIR #3

DCE Alumni Ankita Jain has cracked UPSC Civil Services 2020 exam and topped the list by securing AIR #3. The journey and story of UPSC Toppers is being searched by many. Here is a look at her journey to the top Ankita Jain was born in Delhi, India. She completed her graduation from the Delhi technological university ( Delhi college of engineering) in 2014. Ankita Jain is currently posted at the Audit and Accounts Services in Mumbai, after securing a rank in the second attempt. Even though she fell prey to COVID-19 just a month prior to the Mains Exam, she didn't stop and continued putting in effort to succeed in the exam. UPSC Topper 2020 Ankita Jain has cleared this exam and topped in her fourth attempt. However, what many don’t know is that Ankita Jain also happens to be the wife of an IPS officer Abhinav Tyagi who is serving in Maharashtra cadre and even her sister, Vaishali has secured 21st Rank. Ankita knew the importance of hard work and dedication and that has helped her in being a UPSC Topper 2020. In order to clear the exam in this attempt, Ankita Jain focused on her weaknesses to improve her performance. She aspires to join the IAS and works towards women and child development. As of now, she is celebrating her success and hoping for her new journey to begin soon.

Mr Dinesh Bhatia, DCE-DTU alumni, assumes office as Consul General of India, Toronto

  Mr. Dinesh Bhatia assumed the charge of Consul General of India, Toronto on 9 March 2016. He joined Indian Foreign Service in 1992. He speaks Hindi, English, Spanish, Punjabi and Multani.  Prior to joining in the current post, Mr. Dinesh Bhatia was Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of India to Cote d’Ivoire, Guinea and Liberia with residence in Abidjan. During his diplomatic career, Mr. Dinesh Bhatia has served in various specialized jobs in the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi. He served as Head of Multilateral Economic Division; as Director in Latin America and Caribbean Division, External Publicity Division and Foreign Service Institute; and as Deputy Secretary dealing with Bhutan.Mr. Dinesh Bhatia has served in various Indian Missions abroad including Madrid, Spain; Kathmandu, Nepal; and Kuwait. He was seconded by the Government of India to Department of Atomic Energy, Mumbai and as Private Secretary to Tourism Minister of India. Mr. Dinesh Bhatia is an alumnus of National Defence College. He also participated in the 4th Joint Civil Military Course on National Security at LBSNAA, Mussoorie. As an IFS Probationer, he was trained at LBSNAA, Mussoorie and Foreign Service Institute, New Delhi. He also authored “Physics for Civil Services Preliminary Examination” published by MnM Series.Mr. Dinesh Bhatia obtained Bachelor of Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering with specialization in Electronics and Communication in 1989. Before joining the Indian Foreign Service, he worked in private sector – Tata Telecom and Unitel Communications. Source : www.cgitoronto.ca/

Annual General Body Meeting of Alumni Association-Delhi College of Engineering

AGM of your Association will be held on Sunday, 17th Oct 2021 from 2 pm onwards in India International Centre, Max Mueller Marg, New Delhi followed by high tea.Notice of the AGM and the Agenda is enclosed.You are invited to attend the AGM. We will appreciate a return email confirming your participation.  click here to Download AGM Agenda

Clean technology solution earns DCE-DTU Alumni Mr AK Chaudhary and his team laurels

Clean Technology Solution Earns DCE-DTU Alumni laurelsIt is a proud moment for the entire DCE-DTU Alumni Association as one of our alumni Mr AK Chaudhary and his team at Tata Consulting Engineers Team (TCE) has been awarded for their exemplary efforts and creative thinking towards Fuel Gas Desulphurization (FGD), a clean technology project. The team won the coveted title at Tata InnoVista 2014 – Promising Innovation Core Process wherein over 1,000 entries were received from all over the world. FGD aims at segregating sulphur dioxide from fuel gas exhausts of coal-fired thermal power plants. TCE has earned its share of goodwill in offering one-of-its-kind innovative solutions across industry domains. Let us together wish Mr Chaudhary and his team luck for their incredible achievement and success to take forward this noble endeavors to new heights.

DCE-DTU Alumni Commodore (Dr) Rakesh Kumar Rana, 1980 B.E.(Mech.),interviewed by the Editor of Marine Professional

Our Alumni Commodore (Dr) Rakesh Kumar Rana 1980 B.E.(Mech.),interviewed by the Editor of Marine Professional a magazine published by the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology, London, UK   Read complete interview in magazine https://issuu.com/thinkpublishing/docs/marineprofessionalissue12021/66     Our DCE Alumni - Commodore (Dr) R.K. Rana, participated in a webinar titled "Acquisition and Innovation Framework - Indian Navy" on 24 Jun 2021. This webinar was organized under the umbrella of the Naval Engineering Special Interest Group of the Institute of Marine Engineering Science and Technology, UK.  

1970 Mechanical batch celebrated its Golden Jubilee on 12th Dec 2015

Nostalgia and old-college-charm filled the environment as 1970 Mechanical Batch gathered to celebrate its Golden Jubilee and revisit its glorious past. The batch, which stared college in 1965 had assembled at the Delhi Flying Club on Dec 12, 2015, witnessed a magnanimous presence of its alumni who had come down from as far as the US to be a part of this historic event. Core Organizing Group, which organized this event, had done everything to make it a cherished one!Itinerary of events included a special musical evening by a professional group, group song and dance by participating batch mates including the ladies. The most enthralling performance of the evening however, was a group song Lara Lappa Lara Lappa Lai Lapp Da. All the old college mates together lend their voices to sing this beautiful song and make this performance one to remember for long! Click on the following YOU TUBE link for more details.  https://youtu.be/2jTzZNq2xRk    

Smart Police and University

Discussion held in DTU on Smart Police and University. A meeting of the DCE-DTU Alumni Association of Delhi Technological University  was held in the Science Hall of the University. Patron and retired IPS officer of Alumni Association Karnail Singh gave many suggestions to DTU Alumni regarding police and technology on 'Smart Police and University'.   Read complete news former-ips-says-dtu-should-work-smart-police-technique        

Chetan Kakkar : DTU Student bags a plum deal from Google

  It's a proud moment for DTU as Chetan Kakkar, final year student of IT department, has earned a plum deal from tech giant Google worth $1,90,000 or INR 1.27 crore per annum. He is all set to join Google campus in California after completing his education in 2016. He has surpassed the earlier record of highest paid salary package of INR 93 lakh.


  With an undying love for cricket as the game that unites DP-DCE-DTU across all batches and branches,we set off with a vision to bring our Alumni together yet again - albeit this time, with a mission to bring out the sports enthusiast in them. Covid-19 reservations playing a spoilsport to our reunion plans   “Nobody is bothered about an institution more than it’s alumni.” ” Mr. N.R. Narayana Murthy   Taking a step back, to highlight how the thought was conceptualised between the DCE-DTU University Cricket Teams of a decade (2010 to 2020). The rivalries were pre-existing, the toughest part was to gather 22 fit players on the field on a given day.   Phase 1 (Setting up the Stage & the Teams)   The theme was defined to enable a series of Cricket Tournaments to enable DP-DCE-DTU alumni come together & join the fun. DCE Kings (2015 Batch & below) & DCE Lions (2010 Batch & below) were the two University teams that were formed to kick-start the tournament’s Season 1.   The format was 20 overs each side & 2 Matches to be played for deciding the Ultimate Champion. The bidding was a closed one to shortlist the players for each team with a balance between the bat & the bowl. The date was formalised a few days before the event to be 27th February, 2021 to the surprise of the DCE Kings captain who had to board a flight from Mumbai a few days before to attend the match.   Post successful quarantine period of the King’s captain, his sinister plans were in place to get the Lions out of the tournament by hook or by crook. Few highlights of the Tournament were coming together of our Seasoned Entrepreneurs with Sports Enthusiasts to add the flavour of diversity & inclusivity in the overall structure. We had Amit Bhasin (DCE’10 & Co-founder of GoMechanic) & Harsh Vikram Singh (DTU’17 Ranji player from Bihar, Rajasthan Royals IPL bowling squad for Dubai) as the star power/glamor quotient of the tournament.   2 (The Mad Cacophony of Planning ~18 hrs to the Day)   The entire tournament was already building up in our heads, the 10,000+ Whatsapp texts getting exchanged to lay claim as the rightful heirs to the cup & how to organize the event. Everyone was of the opinion that ‘Done is much Better than Planned’ & were working towards getting the 1st leg of the journey started anyhow. Only till the time, our true Thalaiva arrived in the picture - Mr. Akhil Chowdhary (DCE’84, CEO Binary Semantics), who went on to change the scale of the event.   The focus was now on giving the event it’s due respect & standardizing the experience for the DCE-DTU alumni. The transformation began with a quick call with Akhil sir, where the fundamental principle was agreed upon - no matter how much time we are left with, we will organize it the best we can. GSTRobo was brought about in absolutely no time as the Title sponsor of the Cricket Championship & along came GoMechanic & Lal10 as the Co-sponsor & Gift sponsors (in just 30 mins & a phone call each). Little did we realise then, how the scale of the game was to change/ turnaround in less than half a day.   Frantic phone calls & follow-ups between the team & the Alumni event partners (Banners & Videography) were exchanged throughout the night. The designs were finalized, few errors went unnoticed, orders for mementos were placed till late in the night as the Guest of Honours accepted the invite. In the midst of all this, the Video partner suggested that we along with the HD cameras we get the drone to record the live match. The idea stuck with us as fevistick to the passport photo we used while filling the college enrolment forms. We were racing against time to arrange for every minute thing (from a Thumbnail to the flood lights).     Phase 3 (The Awakening)   For some it was just another Saturday - a day to snooze the alarms & stay put in the bed till late, for the DCE Lions & the DCE Kings it was the match day. Everyone was at the ground at 7:30 am where tea & snacks were served to kick-start the day. For the health conscious & younger DCE Kings, fruits were arranged for. The ground was still fresh from the morning dew & the pleasant Delhi winters receding with February   The ground was filled with laughter & memories as the alumni arrived with their signature charm. 1000’s of hugs later the coin was tossed & the fate of the two teams was being decided. Lions won the toss & opted to field, Kings were to bat on a surface which had some swing & a chilly nip in the air. The teams arrived together to sing the National Anthem & pay their humble respect & gratitude to the Indian soldiers & the martyrs.   The skipper of the DCE Kings - Ramakrishna who also led the DCE team in 2012-13, decided to open the innings with Abhinav (DTU’15). The trap was set, Lions claim to fame having acquired Harsh Vikram Singh, the Ranji player was handed over the ball in the 2nd over to take down the DCE Kings.   Few moments later, the scorecard read 1.1 overs 6 runs, 1 wicket - with great fielding efforts to break the budding partnership. Contrary to the hopes & expectations of an early breakthrough, the scorecard went ballistic with Abhinav & Vaibhav holding the innings together creating a masterpiece of a scorecard - 6 overs, 49/1. Powerplay gone, the batsmen still kept on piling runs by a heap with 8 overs 87/2 . With each boundaries and maximums being belted to the quality bowling attack of Lions, the awakening call was near (the avg. economy of Lions bowlers read in excess of 9 runs) & the towering score of 201/7 was put forward by the Kings (who were at ease having put a competitive total on board by now).   By this time, DCE’96 & Alumni Council Member Mr. Arun Aggarwal had arrived to witness the match in progress. The task set was a daunting one on the board but looking at the undying spirit of the Lions few would have imagined that the match was far from being over. The 1st wicket of Lions fell cheaply similar to the Kings score, however Lions’ ray of hope was vanishing as the chill in the air, wickets after wickets fell with not much movement on the scoreboard. Just then Palash had arrived on the crease with a blitzkrieg 53 of just 16 balls he made the seemingly impossible match a winning possibility. However, Kings had ominous plans getting Palash out at the ropes & by now they knew they had the match in their grip. By this time even Arun sir had realised the outcome as he wished us the best. The match was gone, with Kings winning by a comprehensive margin of 40 runs.   Phase 4 (Lunch & 2nd Match)   The lunch was called for as the players re-assembled, munching on the Pizzas & gulping the defeat with cold-drinks, the team planned for another strategy to outplay the Kings. While Kings were upbeat & confident of their win having dominated the Lions in the first match. The match resumed at 4 pm with the toss being won by Lions again who decided to bat first this time.The story remained the same with Kings flourishing by the ball this time taking Lion's wickets a plenty. The slow run-rate did little to boost the morale of the Lions & all were hoping for Palash to come on strike again. In style did he come & in his characteristic style he sent the bowlers hunting for the balls behind the boundary ropes.   As all good things come to an end, so did Palash’s innings to help Lions muster up a decent fighting total of 143/10 in 20 overs. Kings having scored 200+ in the previous innings knew it was a piece of cake for them. The pitch was turning, but wasn’t turning enough like Motera & the spinners of Lions were kept at bay, knowing the Lions penchant for scoring runs from glorious hits. The average economy of Lions’ bowlers remained unchanged at 9+, and so did the status of the match.   Kings won convincingly in 15.1 overs & the celebrations ensued till the time our Chief Guest of Honour - Mr. Akhil Chowdhary arrived. As is the typical journey of DCE’ites & DTU’ites the introduction being a must - all the players were lined up to introduce themselves & the work they do.   The presentation ceremony began in style with each player being presented a medal (the gold to Kings & the silver to the Lions). The trophies for top performers for the day was presented by the delegate of guests. Abhinav Jain was adjudged the Player of the Match for the first game and Kunal Negi (DTU’13) received the same for the final match. Abhinav was the performer of the day with 98 runs and 5 wickets in two matches. He also bagged the Best Batsman award, while Vikram Hooda (DTU’19) of the Kings was awarded the Best Bowler.   Phase 5 (Post Match Presentation Ceremony)   Finally it was time for awarding the winner’s trophy, for which the whole battle-like situation was created on the WhatsApp groups. It was presented to the captain of the Kings, Mr. Rama by the Chief Guest. Being the humble leader he is, he invited his teammates to celebrate the win and pose with the prize of their hard work.The moment was captured on the backdrop of a beautiful flood-lit ground by the well-trained camerapersons and the ever-buzzing drone.   It was the time to say goodbye to the day, but not before deciding that it was just the beginning with more exciting elements to be added to the future editions of this mega affair. Nikhil Jeph (DCE’12), the captain of DCE football team in 2011-12, was also part of the organizing committee and the success of this event has encouraged him to conduct a similar event with football players from DCE/DTU.   All of this was possible only because of the support of our distinguished alumni who guided us in our quest to bring our community closer to make this event a big hit. Special thanks to GSTrobo,Vaco Binary Semantics, GoMechanic, Binary Semantics, FleetRobo, DigitalEd, Pepperfry, Grorapid, Lal10, Proxy, CrownIt, & Channelplay.   With the hope we will meet up soon, we close the Season 1 of DCE-DTU Cricket Championship                                              

Shri Y P Chawla Advisor, Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission

Y P Chawla, Alumni DCEDTU 1971 batch is been Advisor, Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission, National Jt. Secretary Indian Institution of Plant Engineers (IIPE) BE Tech. & MBA (Fin), PGDPM & PGDMM from Delhi University. Export Mgmt.from Oxford.Pursuing PhD. in Skill Gaps in Power Sector. Over 4 decades of Experience in diversified sectors covering Energy including Solar & other Green / Renewable Energies, (Ex. BHEL), Water Sector.  

The Big Interview: S. K. Chaudhary, Chairman and MD IRCON and DCE Alumni

With more than three decades of experience in the civil engineering business, S K CHAUDHARY, Chairman and Managing Director and DCE alumni has been steering Ircon International Limited (IRCON), one among India’s frontrunner in the infrastructure industry. In an exclusive interaction with Tejasvi Sharma and Veena Kurup, he shares insights about his professional journey and Ircon’s momentum in leading the infra space. Click here to read complete cover story

Joydeep Sengupta (DCE alumni, 1991 batch) is a director at McKinsey, based in Dubai office

Joydeep Sengupta (DCE alumni, 1991 batch) is a director at McKinsey, based in Dubai office. He has been with the firm for over 10 years, serving clients in North America, Asia, and the Middle East. Joydeep has 20 years of experience overall in financial services, telecommunications, and manufacturing sectors. He is one of the leaders of our European Operations Practice, and is a faculty member of our Global Lean Management Academy.  

DCE Alumni Dr.D.Yogi Goswami has received the Engineer of the Year Award (Mechanical/Solar Energy) from the American Society of Engineers of Indian Origin(ASEI)

Dr.D.Yogi Goswami (DCE Alumni, B.E. 1969, Mechanical Engineering) has received the Engineer of the Year Award (Mechanical/Solar Energy) from the American Society of Engineers of Indian Origin(ASEI). He has been chosen among the Top 8 Indian-American engineers who have contributed to ASEI and the society at large. Currently, he is the editor-in-chief of the journal Solar Energy, and has published more than 400 peer-reviewed articles and a number of books and book chapters. He is also the inventor of the Goswami Thermodynamic Cycle. His inventions have been commercialized and in 2016, Dr. Goswami was inducted into the Florida Inventors Hall of Fame. He also co-founded Molekule (a company which designs & manufactures Air Purifiers) in 2014, headquartered in San Francisco, CA. We would like to congratulate him on behalf of DCE-DTU family across globe for making us proud and wish him all the very best for his future endeavors ! Read more at: https://lnkd.in/gAPhxai

Senior IPS officer and DCEDTU Alumni President Shr. Karnal Singh gets additional charge as Chief Of Enforcement Directorate(ED)

Senior IPS officer and DCEDTU Alumni President Shr. Karnal Singh has given additional charge as Chief Of Enforcement Directorate(ED) 

BATLA HOUSE Encounter Real Story by Karnal Singh, Ex IPS Officer (BATLA HOUSE Encounter Team Leader)

Watch Video The book, Batla House:Our Respected Alumni Shri Karnal Singh @ DTU studio with our Shri Anoop Lather BATLA HOUSE Encounter Real Story by Karnal Singh, Ex IPS Officer- Watch the complete interview https://youtu.be/mENyyl6ksyo References:   The book, Batla House: An Encounter That Shook The Nation, is about the shootout between members of Delhi Police Special Cell and alleged Indian Mujahideen terrorists in September 2008. Read More Book On Batla House Encounter - The Indian Express   Batla House enlists the details of an anti-terror operation and lives in uniform. It also puts to rest a lot of controversies and versions on the infamous Batla House encounter.The book Batla House written by former police officer Karnal Singh is a real thriller and gold mine of information on the anti-terror operations, history and great analysis on the terror outfits targeting India. Read More BATLA HOUSE: An Encounter That Shook the Nation - The Pioneer   केंद्रशासित क्षेत्र कैडर के 1984 बैच के अधिकारी रहे सिंह ने दक्षिणी दिल्ली के जामिया नगर में बटला हाउस इलाके में स्थित एल-18 मकान में 19 सितंबर 2008 को हुई मुठभेड़ पर ‘बटला हाउस: एंन इन्काउंटर दैट शुक द नेशन’ शीर्षक से किताब लिखी है। Read More बटला हाउस मुठभेड़ को फर्जी ठहराने के लिए झूठी खबरों और अफवाहों का लिया गया सहारा: करनैल सिंह - प्रभासाक्षी न्यूज   The 1984-batch officer of the Union Territories cadre has come out with a book -- Batla House: An Encounter that Shook the Nation -- on the police operation on September 19, 2008 at house number L-18 in the Batla House locality of Jamia Nagar in south Delhi. Read More Fake news, rumours used to label 2008 Batla House encounter staged: Ex-IPS officer Karnal Singh - The New Indian Express

Raghav Sehgal CEO and founder rxv.co a product by RxVault, Award winning Electronic Health data management platform

  Raghav Sehgal DCE alumnus 2005, CEO and founder  RXV.coRXV.co is a product by RxVault, NASSCOM Award winning Electronic Health data management platform founded by alumni from IIM Ahmedabad, ISB & Delhi College of Engg. in 2013. Our client list include major players in healthcare sector, like Fortis Healthcare, Max Healthcare, Religare Wellness, CDC etc. who have data of their 20,000+ patients online with us.RXV.co is a mobile app that enables patients to have 24x7 Instant & Live Video Consultations with doctors.  Patients can also order lab tests and medicines, as per doctor’s digitally signed prescription, right from within the app. We are going to launch the app in mid-August with over 1,000 specialists from major hospitals, 200 pharmacies and more than 40,000 diagnostics testing centres across India as our healthcare partners for the app.  

Governing Council Election 2020 Updates

Election Notice (Click here to see Notice) Information from RO (Click here to see Info) Members Eligible to Vote for Election 2020 (Click here to see Members Details) Call For Nomination from RO (Click here to see Info) 2nd Call For Nomination from RO (Click here to see Info) Help Update Fellow Life Members Data: Request from RO (To see detailed list click here) Nomination Date Extn 29-10-2020 (Click here to see Info) List of Nominations Received & Approved To Contest Elections 2020 (Click here to see the List) List of Contestants (Click here to see the List) Postponement Notice - 30th November 2020 (Click here to see Info) Observer Appointed by Registrar of Societies (Click here to see Info) E-Voting commencement order (Click here to see Info) E-voting - 12th December to 31st December 2020 (Click here To know the Procedure) Final List of Contestants With Their Canvassing Messages (Click here to View) ELECTION RESULTS dated 1st January 2021 (Click here to View)

Manish Khera, Banker , Entrepreneur and now appointed as CEO of Airtel money

Graduated in electrical engineering from Delhi College of Engineering 1991 batch.Starting at ICICI Bank in 1993, he worked through several banking roles till 2005, before he founded FINO in 2006. FINO is India's largest banking correspondent network serving over 70 mn customer.He is currently setting up YTS Solutions a venture focused on serving the banking deprived customers in India. Manish Khera was selected the Young Global Leader 2011, by the World Economic Forum. Now he has been appointed as CEO of Airtel money.  

DCE Alumnus Mr. Mahesh Joshi, B.E. Mech. 1982 batch Featured on CEO Magazine Jan-feb 2020 issue, appointed as Chief Executive of L&T Valves, Director at L&T Valves

  L&T Valves’ Chief Executive Mahesh Joshi is one of the great leaders. A true pioneer, Mahesh is not only looking to enhance valves, he’s also working to create the future of valves and revolutionize the entire industry.   “You don’t want to follow the crowd,” Mahesh shares. “We want to create something different for the industry. It’s not to differentiate and sell more products. It is to create a new level of user satisfaction, a new level of improvement and enhancement of productivity at the application points. We want to achieve that by aligning our suppliers also in our collaborative journey into the next level of technologies with us. That’s how we can revolutionize the flow industry.”       Courtesy: CEO MAGAZINE.   

Ambareesh Murty founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Pepperfry, India's No.1 online Furniture, Home and Living destination

  Ambareesh Murty is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Pepperfry. He has graduated in Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering in 1994 and went on to do his Masters of Business Administration in Management from Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta in 1996.Pepperfry.com Today  India's No.1 online Furniture, Home and Living destination, offering more than 45,000 products to spice up your home across categories like Furniture, Home Decor, Furnishings, Kitchen and Pet Supplies.  

With deep sorrow we inform you the sad demise of Prof. P.C. Jain

Prof. P.C. Jain was born on 13th November 1939, taught Chemistry and Polymer Science for about 331/2 years  at Delhi College of Engineering, Delhi-110042. He was brilliant teacher and wrote many books on Engineering Chemistry and Polymer Science. Prof. P.C Jain has left for his heavenly abode on 16th December 2019. 

Partner, Bain & Company Prashant Sarin(DCE Alumni) featured in Economic Times'India's Hottest Business Leader under 40

Partner, Bain & Company Prashant Sarin(DCE Alumni) featured in Economic Times'India's Hottest Business Leader under 40

DCE DTU Alumni & Alumni Association Patron Shri. Karnal Singh on ABP News sharing his views on recent Hyderabad Encounter

  Hyderabad Encounter पर उठे सवालों पर क्या है पूर्व एनकाउंटर स्पेशलिस्ट करनैल सिंह की राय?  ABP न्यूज ने देश के चर्चित एनकाउंटर स्पेशलिस्ट और दिल्ली में स्पेशल सेल के प्रमुख करनैल सिंह ने उन सवालों के जवाब जानने की कोशिश की है जो एनकाउंटर के बाद उठे.. शोभना यादव ने करनैल सिंह से बात की.     

Managing Director, Global Service Provider, Cisco Consulting Services, Asia-Pacific and Japan Neeraj Arora(DCE Alumni) featured in Economic Times'India's Hottest Business Leader under 40

Managing Director, Global Service Provider, Cisco Consulting Services, Asia-Pacific and Japan Neeraj Arora(DCE Alumni) featured in Economic Times'India's Hottest Business Leader under 40

Girish Minocha DCE Alumni Electrical Engineering 1988 - CEO - Minchy's Food Products, Received Appreciation for CSR initiative to employ life sentence serving convicts.

Mr. Girish Minocha  CEO - Minchy's Food Products,    Minchy's Food Products CSR initiative to employ life sentence serving convict. For the last two years and as of today he has 18 murder convicts who are serving a life sentence currently employed with him. They all came as unskilled labor accompanied by the jail security, and today some are semi skilled while a few are skilled, drawing better salaries as compared to our regular employees. All employed convicts  travel without security to and from the jail and work alongside the rest of the workers.    

Paytm's CEO Vijay Shekhar(DCE Alumni) featured in Economic Times'India's Hottest Business Leader under 40

Paytm's CEO Vijay Shekhar(DCE Alumni) featured in Economic Times'India's Hottest Business Leader under 40

Sriram Narayanan DCE Alumni Mech 1996 - Featured on Journey: Broad College of Business 2019 Annual Report

    Sriram Narayanan, Kesseler Family Endowed Faculty Fellow and professor of supply chain management, believes that inclusion should “make it effortless for organizations to work very well together.”  He has spent the past several years alongside numerous professors, MBA students, and nonprofit organizations in seeking answers to the question of how inclusion relates to productivity and innovation for the supply chain industry.    Sriram extended his work as the international chair for the 12th Annual Indian Subcontinent Region of Decision Sciences Institute conference, helping to organize a panel session covering health, financial, and disability inclusion in India as well as aspects of climate change.    Sriram also values inclusion as an important part of teaching. He serves as the academic director for the S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research Post-Graduate Diploma in Management program, which brings MBA students from India to the Broad College for a three-week supply chain immersion experience. “We educate them on how companies here tend to think about innovation, sustainability, and broadly inclusion and how we can make more data-centric decisions with respect to these,” he said.   "Broad has really opened my eyes to a whole new dimension around supply chain and how we can think about supply chain as an integrated entity." SRIRAM NARAYANAN Kesseler Family Endowed Faculty Fellow, Professor of Supply Chain Management       https://broad.msu.edu/annual-report-2019/#sriram   credit: broad.msu.edu

Coffee with Monster.com’s hands-on MD Sanjay Modi (Alumni of DCE) what affects the job market and whether Linkedin is competition for job portals

 Read More 

Emerging Cyber Security Challenges By: Dr. Muktesh Chander, IPS

  In Association with : DCE Alumni Association | CSI Computer Society of India | CMC Fraternity Organized By : Brahma kumaris IT Wing Venue : BK Centre, Siri Fort 

DTU Ranked 5th Best Engineering College in India Today 2015 Survey.

With a history of over 65 years in providing technical education within a modern educational environment and strong academic staff, the Delhi Technical University (formerly the Delhi College of Engineering, is strongly identified with engineering education in India. Read more at: http://indiatoday.intoday.in/bestcolleges/2015/ranks.jsp?ST=Engineering&LMT=4&Y=2015

Alumni Association Delhi College of Engineering Invites You & Your Family Guru Samman Utsav 5th September Ambedkar Auditorium 3:30 Pm Onwards

  Guru Sammaan Utsav on the occasion of Teachers' Day Date : 5th September, 2019  Time : 3:30 Pm Onwards  Venue : Ambedkar Auditorium, Delhi Technological University  Program : Hasya Kavi Sammelan followed by High Tea.   

Founder and CEO Paytm shares enterpreneurial journey

Mr. Vijay Shekher Sharma, Founder and CEO, Paytm on how Hotmail founder Mr. Sabeer Bhatia influenced him to move  towards entrepreneurship.  

Delhi Technological University (DTU), Delhi ranked 2nd in Times Top 140 Engineering Institute Rankings 2019

Times Engineering Survey :  Top 140 Engineering Institute Rankings 2019   Delhi Technological University (DTU), Delhi ranked 2nd in top 140 Engineering Institute in India    

Jabong CEO and Former DTU Alumni Shares Words Of Wisdom

Mr. Praveen Sinha, the Former alumni of DTU and the current CEO of multi-million dollar worth online shopping portal enlightened the budding entrepreneurs about the need to evolve with changing business scenario to stay in the competition.

Engineering Building at the University of Houston renamed after Dr. Durga D. Agarwal and Sushila Agrawal

  University of Houston renamed its Engineering Research Building after Dr. Durga D Agarwal and his wife Sushila for their contribution to aid research project, faculty and student at the University.   Dr. Druga a alumnus of University of Houston and long time resident, known for giving back to community. The USD 51-million building, which opened in 2017, had earlier named a floor after the couple. The Durga D and Sushila Agrawal Engineering Research Building has been named to recognise a transformational gift that the Agrawals have made, an university release said.  Having immigrated to Houston in 1968 after his Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering, Agrawal earned two advanced degrees in Industrial Engineering from the University of Houston's (UH) Cullen College of Engineering.     Dr.Durga D Agrawal, 74, who is from a  village in Madhya Pradesh's Lakhanpur, expressed his admiration and respect for his professors at the university, who "put their heart and soul" into teaching students.   Dr. Durga started his piping technology and products company in 1975. Today, the company is a leading player in its category and employs over a 1,000 people. He was the first major donor and founding president of India House, a community centre that offers free services and community programs. Being the founder and first president of the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Houston, Agrawal has been part of many delegations to promote trade and exchange of educational and medical resources between Houston and India.  

Muktesh Chander Special Commissioner of Police(Traffic) set the tune right

Delhi Traffic Police chief Muktesh Chander makes people sway to magic of his flute.

DCE – DTU Alumni Shiv narayan Sharma 2013(Computer Engineering) batch - Secured AIR 149 in UPSC 2018 (Civil Services)

    I belong to Mathura and have done my basic education from Mathura only. I’m 2013 batch Computer Engineering graduate from DCE.  Post graduation, I worked with two startups for around  5 years as a software developer. In 2017 Civil Services Exam I secured 278th rank, on the basis of which I was allocated Indian Revenue Service(Income Tax). Currently, I’m undergoing training in Nagpur for Revenue Service. In 2018 Civil Service Exam I have secured 149th rank and expecting to get IPS. Credit for my success goes to my family, which supported me through all thicks and thin.

Alumni Inspire Innovative Thinking at the Meet

Back in 1990s when so called new age private sector banks were beginning to find their feet,  Manish Khera, DCE alumni,  who joined ICICI'S corporate banking realised the future may lie in technology.

Report Card: Annual Alumni Meet—2019

  The Alumni Association, Delhi College of Engineering  organizes an annual alumni meet every year. This year  annual meet was held on 16th March 2019  at Air force Auditorium, Subroto Park, New Delhi. On this occasion Musical Program  was organized and performed by Shri Suresh Raheja, Alumnus of 1973 batch (Mech).  The noted singer Shri Mukesh Khanna and Shri Sunil Kapoor along with Shri Suresh Raheja mesmerized the audience  with their sonorous voice. On this occasion Hon'ble Minister of Science, Environment , Forest and Climate Change and Earth Sciences, GOI Dr.  Harsh Vardhan was the chief guest. The Vice -Chancellor of Delhi Technological University ,  Prof. Yogesh Singh was the Guest of Honor. The meet was attended by record gathering of our Alumni and their family members.   The Alumni Association recognized the contribution of the superannuated University teachers at DCE who helped us to grow in technical environment by presenting ‘Distinguished Faculty Awards’. This year Alumni Association presented "Special Award" to Prof. PB Sharma for distinguished service  honoring him as a Founder Vice -Chancellor of DTU, the award was presented by the Hob'ble Minister, GOI, Dr. Harsh Vardhan. On the occasion "Distinguished faculty Award" were also presented by the Hon'ble Minister to Superannuated faculty Prof. (Mrs.) Pratima Rani Bose, Prof.AK Saluja and Prof. CK Dutta.   As is the tradition Prof. Dharendra Yogi Goswami an Alumnus of 1969 (Mech) and Shri Shiv Abhilash Bhardwaj an Alumnus of 1970 batch (Mech) were awarded  with  "Life Time Achievement Award" by Hon'ble Union Minister Doctor Harsh Vardhan, for their exceptional work for the society and corporate. The "Distinguished Alumni Award" were presented to four Alumni,  Shri Ravindra Kumar Verma  an Alumnus of 1979 (Mech) he is  Ex-Chairman, CEA and Technical Member, Appellate Tribunal. Shri Ajay Tyagi   an alumnus of 1980 batch (ECE) and IAS of 1984 batch  and Presently working as Chairman, Securities and Exchange Board of India.  Shri Raj Jain an Alumnus of 1980 batch and presently CEO of Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd. and  Shri Vipin Bhandari an Alumnus of 1981 batch (Electrical) and Presently working as Director at EIL. This year a "Special Award" was presented for an alumnus in the "Armed forces" and this Award was presented by the Hon'ble Minister Shri Harsh Vardhan to Air Vice Marshall Mr. Sanjay Agarwal, VSM.   The Alumni Association also recognized the hard work put-in by the students studying in their final year with "Meritorious Students Awards" who were topping in their respective academic streams till the result of last semester, and this year the awards were presented to 15 students i.e. topper from each of the 15 disciplines. As a tradition Alumni who completed 25 years and 50 years were felicitated by the Association with the name of Silver Batch and Golden Batch. This year alumni  graduated in the year of 1969  and 1994 batches were felicitated. Earlier on 9th Feb 2019 a grand show was organised by the Alumni Association Delhi College of Engineering for the Alumni of 1959 and 1969 who are residing out side India with the theme "Welcome  Home Coming"  at the Old Campus of DCE at Kashmeri Gate and where about 70 Alumni from abroad attended the event.     The Annual Meet was  attended by more than 1100 Alumni with their spouse and Kids.    The next Annual Alumni Meet is Scheduled on 11th January 2020 at 4.00 PM onwards at Airforce Auditorium , Subroto Park, New Delhi. The detailed Program will be posted in the beginning of Dec 2019 at www.dcedtualumni.org.   The Association extend its heartfelt thanks to every one who directly or indirectly contributed to make this event a grand success.    By/- Secretary for Alumni Association Delhi College of Engineering   

Sports Teams bring laurels

DTU  Cricket Team won the Inter University Cricket League 2015 and was the finalist at Maulana Azad Medical College and Ambedkar University.  

Annual Alumni Meet 2019 Program Schedule

Indian American Durga D Agrawal is one of the biggest employers in Houston

Piping Technology & Products which was a set up in 1978 by Durga D Agrawal in his garage. Today, the company has a wide industrial product range, including pipe supports, expansion joints and shock control devices and more

Annual Alumni Meet 2019

 Alumni Association  Delhi College of Engineering Cordially Invite All DP / DCE / DTU Alumni And Their Families to Annual Meet 2019  

Actor Sushant Singh Rajput talks about his life and acting career

Actor Sushant Singh Rajput talks about his life and acting career in HT Brunch  Personal Agenda section.

DCE-DTU Alumni Andy Kalambi (Mech Engineering) CEO of RIZE INC got $15 million series B funding.

    Boston headquartered 3D printer OEM RIZE Inc. announces the successful raising of $15 million in series B funding. The money was contributed by four new partners: Boston VC Innospark Ventures, Gururaj ‘Desh’ Deshpande’s private investment company Sparta Group LLC, tech investment specialist Converge and leading 3D software company Dassault Systèmes. Funds raised will contribute to RIZE’s continued development and marketing of Augmented Polymer Deposition (APD) technology, through the RIZE ONE and XRIZE systems, with the aim of increasing industrial adoption of 3D printing.   Mr. Kalambi, who joined RIZE as President and CEO in November 2017, is also the former Global Vice President of Dassault’s 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. Speaking at the time of his appointment, Kalambi said that one of his goals would be to “ensure that this product,” i.e. the Rize One, “gets into the hands of users and customers who [can see] its usage and its value.”   Source :  https://3dprintingindustry.com/news/dassault-systemes-one-of-four-investors-in-rizes-15-million-series-b-148918/

Mr. Muktesh Chander, DCE alumnus of 1983 Batch supports organ donation - Hindustan Times – 21st Feb 2015

Mr. Muktesh Chander, Special Commissioner of Police (Traffic) was appreciated for supporting the cause of Organ Donation by successfully connecting 3 donor organs to their recipients.  

DCE – DTU Alumni Maneet Gohil 2011( electronics and communication ) batch featured in Forbes-2019 30 Under 30

  “In 2011 as I was moving out of DCE with an average degree, I never imagined I would be able to do something worthwhile other than a regular job. Moreover, the Forbes 30 Under 30 seemed like a fancy un-imaginable dream then. Literally, over the last four years, Lal10 has been on my mind constantly 24*7. The mission which started in October 2014 is becoming much stronger and powerful. In my thicks and thins, I have been fortunate to have Sanchit and Albin with me, without whom Lal10 wouldn't be what it is today. For now, this is Forbes 30 Under 30, 2019 edition with us in it! Fantastic beginning to 2019. “  

Mr. Ratan Kaul launched romance novel “Wings of Freedom” at Oxford Book Store, Cannaught Place!

Mr. Ratan Kaul, alumnus of 1963 batch of Delhi Polytechnic introduced a romance novel "Wings of Freedom" during launch event at Oxford Bookstore, Connaught place, New Delhi on Feb 4, 2015. Shri jawhar Sircar, C.E.O Prasar Bharati was the chief guest and Guests of Honor included Ms. Tara Gandhi, granddaughter of Mahatma Gandhi.   There was a launch earlier also at the Constitution Club on Nov. 20, 2014.  •    THE HINDU: Click Here!                •    Indiainfoline:   Click Here! •    Metroreader review:    Click Here!      

DCE Alumni Dr. Rajesh K. Soin 1969 batch (Mechanical), Chairman & CEO Soin LLC, donated 5 cores for proposed multipurpose hall (under construction) at DTU campus.

    Indian American philanthropist Dr. Rajesh K Soin (alumnus 1969 batch of Mechanical Engineering) donated 5 crores for proposed multipurpose building (currently under construction) at Delhi Technological University. The University administration decided to name proposed building Raj Soin Hall. This is the first time in the history of DCE-DTU that alumnus has donated this large sum.  Dr. Soin graduated from Delhi College of Engineering in 1969 ( DTU now) gone to USA for further studies. In 1984, he and his wife Indu established Modern Technologies Corporation ( MTC ),  a consulting in engineering, management and technical services for U.S  Defence Department. MTC quickly become one of the fastest growing companies in United States named by Inc. magazine and became largest defence contractor in Ohio, before it was acquired in 2008. In 1998, he started Soin International, a holding company with many subsidiaries.   Dr. Soin believes in entrepreneur spirit, wants to grow, to accomplish his vision, Soin International act as incubator for new business ideas, and has invested considerably for more than 2 decades.  He and his family is involved with various charities, and contributed towards building hospitals and research centres in India and USA.    Dr. Soin was the founding trustee and first president of Ohio-India Project and was the recipient of Elllis Island Medal of Honor for his contribution as a mentor, charitable work and exceptional leadership.  

Akash Sinha Featured in Hindustan Times dated 1st November 2014 !

Akash Sinha – 2001 Batch Electrical Engineer from DCE featured in Hindustan Times – “The age of drones: Flying high from war-torn Iraq to riot-hit Trilokpuri” dated 1st November 2014!

DCE Alumni Mahesh Joshi 1982 batch, Chief Executive of L&T Valves, Director at L&T Valves, written book recently: Global Business, published by Oxford Press.

    Global Business with Mahesh K. Joshi and J.R Klein provides insights and observations from academics, practitioners and practical thinkers from around the world. The book demystifies the economic, social, and cultural impact of globalization and how it affects everyone and what is happening in the world.  The book illustrates our interconnected global state and provide realistic examination of the topic and invites dialogue on where the world is currently going towards.   

Maruti appoints RS Kalsi as head of domestic sales!

News Published in leading Daily Newspaper: Business Today: September 18, 2014 – Read Here ! Economic Times: September 19, 2014 – Read Here ! The Hindu - Business Line: September 18, 2014 – Read Here ! Live Mint: September 18, 2014 – Read Here ! Financial Express: September 19, 2014 – Read Here !

Alumni Association Delhi College of Engineering AGM 2018 Updates

  Alumni Association Delhi College of Engineering  AGM 2018  AGM Of The Alumni Association Delhi College of Engineering, Conducted at MTNL auditorium Mahanagar Door Sanchar Sadan, 9, CGO Complex, Lodi Road, New Delhi-110003 on 22-09-2018    Alumni Association Delhi College of Engineering AGM MoM 2018

Muktesh Chander, Special CP for Traffic (Delhi) featured in The Asian Age!

Our alumnus Muktesh Chander 1983 B.E. (Electronics and Communication) Engineering Batch, currently Special Commissioner of Police for Traffic (Delhi) playing his flute at the launch of his album titled Nostalgic Flute Magic , launched by NGO Routes 2 Roots.

Governing Council Election 2018 Updates

Alumni Association Delhi College of Engineering Governing Body Election 2018  Election Results for the election of the Governing Body Of The Alumni Association Delhi College of Engineering, Conducted at Barat Ghar, Mandir Marg, New Delhi 110001 on 11-08-2018     Alumni Association Governing Body Election 2018 Updates

Sh SM Mahajan (Life Time Achievement Award)

" Shri SM Mahajan, DCE Alumni 1970 Mech batch and Vice President of DCE-DTU AA was conferred with a "Life Time Achievement Award" for his extraordinary & significant contribution to the growth of welding industry in the country and bringing the global players & Indian industry closer as also for his exemplary initiatives of welding skill development in the country specially in the North East parts .

With deep sorrow we inform you the sad demise of Prof. P. L. Ballaney

    Prof. P. L. Ballaney was born on Dec. 1, 1927. He graduated in Mechanical as well as Electrical Engineering in 1952 from Poona University. He completed his Master’s degree M.S. (Mechanical Engineering) from Michigan State University, East Lansing, U.S.A in year 1960. Prof. Ballaney joined Delhi College of Engineering (then Delhi Polytechnic) in the year 1959 as Sr Lecturer, and became Asstt. Prof. in 1963. He was made Professor in 1965, which he continued till 1985 when he superannuated. He was Head of Mech. Engg. Deptt. and was Dean Faculty of Technology University of Delhi. Prof. Ballaney contributed immensely to the learning of Mechanical Engineering subjects through his books which are particularly suited for Indian environment. He authored books on ‘Thermal Engineering’, ‘Theory of Machines’, ‘IC. Engines’, ‘Applied Thermodynamics’, and ‘Refrigeration and Air-conditioning’. All the books were approved by National Book Trust of India and were recommended text books in engineering colleges throughout India. The books are popular even now and have seen many editions and scores of reprints. Prof. Ballaney is one of the Founder Members of ISHRAE (Indian Society of Heating, refrigeration and Air-conditioning Engineers) and had been its President also. He is Fellow of Institution of Engineers (India). Prof. Ballaney was also honoured with “The Best Citizen of India Award” by International Publishing House.

Mr. Satish Kumar (Electrical, 1965)

DMRC director (electrical) Satish Kumar hands over a special key, received from ABB in Finland, to DMRC Managing Director Dr. E. Sreedharan on Tuesday.

Public Notice : Election for 10 No. Governing Body Members for Alumni Association, Delhi College of Engineering will be held on 11th August 2018 (9Am to 5Pm ) for the year 2018-2020

 Election for 10 No. Governing Body Members for Alumni Association, Delhi College of Engineering will be held on 11th August 2018  for the year 2018-2020 

Ashok K. Puri (Electrical, 1969 Batch)

Ashok K. Puri, Chairman and Managing Director, BHEL, receiving the meritorious award for R&D & Innovation from Santosh Mohan Dev, Union Minister for Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises, at a function on Wednesday

DCE-DTU Alumni, Ankit Pannu, 2016(Polymer Science & Chemical Technology), Secured AIR 31 in UPSC 2018 (Civil Services)

Ankit Pannu, polymer science and chemical technology engineering batch of 2016 DCE. Took 2 attempts at UPSC ,cleared UPSC in my 1st attempt with AIR 444 in UPSC 2016 and cleared in 2nd attempt with AIR-31. My Father is in Delhi police (assistant sub inspector). Mother is housewife, my younger brother has done statistics hons. From kirorimal college in 2017.   My schooling is from Modern public school, Shalimar bagh. DCE/DTU's most crucial contribution was providing me the exposure which helped me analyze better career options. Inspiration from seniors who had qualified UPSC was also a motivating factor. I would like to thank my parents, my peers and the entire DCE family for their love and support.   Thank you and God bless you all.

Harshdeep Jolly

An Accenture Consultant and DCE passout Mr. Harshdeep Jolly, relives his life on the IIM-B Campus in a fresh novel. The book takes you on a journey into the lives of the author and some of his friends. It has a youthful fresh approach and gives a glimpse of the life on the campus.

Program Schedule : Annual Alumni Meet on 31st March 2018

Annual Alumni Meet 2018 Program Schedule     

Launch of the website of DCE Alumni Association

The official website of DCE Alumni Association was launched on 3rd December, 2005 at a function organized at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.

Dr. Pravir Kumar Professor in the Department of Biotechnology at DTU & Dean (Alumni Affairs)

.  Prof. Dr. Pravir Kumar M.Sc. (BHU), PhD (Germany), PDF/Faculty (USA)  Dean (Alumni Affairs) Professor, Department of Biotechnology, Delhi Technological University (Formerly Delhi College of Engineering) Government of NCT Delhi, Delhi (INDIA) Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. // ; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. //   Dr. Pravir Kumar is working as a Professor in the Department of Biotechnology at DTU. Before joining DTU, Dr. Kumar has served as an Associate Professor (Biosciences) and Assistant Director (Center) at VIT University, Vellore.Before joining DTU, Dr. Kumar has served as an Associate Professor (Biosciences) and Assistant Director (Center) at VIT University, Vellore.   He has obtained MS degree from BHU, Varanasi with Molecular and clinical genetics specialization, and PhD degree from J. W. Goethe University, Germany in the field of coronary artery diseases and cardiovascular physiology. Before returning to India, he has spent several years in the Neurology Department at Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston, USA as a postdoctoral fellow and later at faculty position.    Until April 2016, he was holding an adjunct Faculty status in the Neurology Department at Tufts University School of Medicine (TUSM). His areas of research interest and expertise include molecular chaperone and ubiquitin E3 ligase in neurodegenerative disorders along with the aberrant cell cycle re-entry into aged neurons and muscles.    He is an editorial board member in the prestigious Journal of Alzheimer’s disease, International Journal of Neurology Research, American Journal of Research Communication and reviewers of 25 leading Elsevier, Springer, BMC, Bentham, Oxford and other reputed journals. He has published 60 papers in peer-reviewed journals and more than 85 papers as invited talk, international symposium and proceedings. Until now, he has guided 06 PhD students (degree awarded; single supervision), 30 M.Tech and more than 30 students at MS and BS levels.    He has also severed as a member of many national-level selection committees, including prestigious USIEF Nehru Fulbright program, Life Science Research Board- DRDO committee. He has successfully completed LSRB-DRDO funded research defense project on hypoxia induced neurodegeneration for soldiers in India. He is a life and regular member of various professional societies across the globe.  

Promod Haque (BSc Elect. Engg. 1969 Batch)

Norwest Venture Partners (NVP), a US-based venture capital firm, manages more than $1.8 billion in venture capital. Focussing on investments in information technology, including semiconductor and components, systems, software, services and consumer/Internet technologies,

Reunion : North America Chapter

Second Reunion of North America Chapter Venue: Hilton Union Square, San Francisco Dates: Feb 16th to Feb 18th 2018 Program Schedule Feb 16th Friday 6.00PM: Arrival, Reception and D’s got talent, (entertainment program) Feb 17th Saturday: Networking and Sharing 10.00AM to 10.30AM: North America Chapter Alumni initiatives update 10.30AM to 11.00AM: Dr Raj Soin (Soin Medical centre, Raj Soin College of business. Chairmen & CEO Soin LLC) 11.00AM to 11.30AM: Dr Anu Lather (Pro Vice Chancellor of DTU) Networking Coffee Break: 11.30AM to 12.00PM 12.00PM to 12.30PM: Dr Promod Haque (Sr Managing Partner Norwest Venture Partners, Forbes Midas List of top venture capitalists for nine years and best VC in the world 2004) 12.30PM to 01.00PM: Dr Yogi Goswami (Founder Molekule, TIME magazine's "The 25 Best Inventions of 2017". Professor at the Florida University) Networking Lunch Break: 01.00PM to 2.00PM 02.00PM to 2.30PM: Mr. Vineet Jain (CEO Egnyte Inc., Serial Entrepreneur) 02.30PM to 3.00PM: Dr Gurjeet Singh (Chairman of the Board of Directors, Ayasdi, Technical advisory board member, HSBC) Networking Coffee Break: 3.00PM to 3.30PM 3.30PM to 4.00PM: Closing: Dr Durga Agarwal, (Member, University of Houston System Board of Regents, President, and CEO Piping Technology & Products, Inc.) Networking Dinner Cruise: Departure at 6.00PM (Sponsored by Dr Durga Agarwal) (Felicitation of 10/25/50 years) Feb 18th Sunday: Networking and departure, Individual batch meetings (1969 batch meeting for preparation of 50 year celebration). Go ahead and organize your own batch meets today! Register For Event     Contact: Rohan Gupta +1 832 260 8779 Mahesh Joshi: +1 713 826 3788 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. // Website: http://dcedit.org/ Download Reunion Agenda

Ashok K. Baweja (BSc Elect. Engg. 1970 Batch)

Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd is embarking on new partnerships with global aviation majors for military and civil projects with an eye on trebling the turnover to $3 billion by 2011, according to its Chairman, Mr Ashok K. Baweja. The defence PSU expects to cross the Rs 7,000-cr mark this year. For 2005-06, it posted a turnover of Rs 5,375 crore at a growth rate of over 18 per cent.

DCE-DTU Alumni Arun Sehrawat, 2014(Elect.)Batch, Secured AIR 320 in UPSC CSE2016

Arun Sehrawat 2014 DCE batch pass out electrical engineering and he qualified Civil service examination 2016 exam with AIR 320 in 2nd attempts. Was recommended as a pilot in Indian defence forces but started preparing for upsc after college right away.My father runs a school in Delhi and my mother is a homemaker. My Schooling from Delhi only - St Francis de sales school and Nav Uday convent school. I would like to thank my parents, my peers and the entire DCE family for their love and support. Thank you and God bless you all.   Interview excerpts from DT :    DT: How was your journey after you graduated from college in 2014? What made you appear for civil services examination?    AS: The challenges, the opportunities and the work diversity that a civil servant gets to experience was enough to make me want to clear the Civil Services exam. College taught me many lessons about life, and I started my preparation as soon as I finished my graduation in Electrical Engineering. Two attempts, and great post-college learning experiences later, here I am, at the peak of my journey.   DT: Ideally, how much time is required for preparation for the Civil Services Examination? What role does coaching play in preparation?   AS: Quantitatively speaking, one year is the average amount of time most students require to meet the requirements. When it comes to coaching, it acted only as a facilitator for my preparation. Much of my time was devoted to self study.  

Anil Kumar Sardana (BSc Elect. Engg. 1980 Batch)

Anil Kumar Sardana, managing director, North Delhi Power (NDPL), has been conferred the ‘Asian Power CEO of the Year Award’ for 2006. The Asian Power Awards are the industry’s leading awards independently judging the best in the power industry in Asia and are held in high esteem by the industry.

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